Anonymous asked: jesus christ, why you're so perfect? thank you for draw steve and bucky, you're awesome!! also i love all your art

ahhhh nonny you’re too sweet jhgfd

i’m so glad you enjoy my draws, thank you very much uwu

SUMMER SALE COMMISSIONS (aka the summer is ending and im still broke)

hello everyone, I’m opening cheap commissions sale as i REALLY need to save money for the living before coming back to uni in October where my only source of extra income will be (hopefully) giving private lessons


  • Payment through PayPal.
  • You can view more of my draws here.
  • will draw fanart, OCs, portraits, anything really (but not porn sorry)
  • Contact via my askbox (maria-tries or frecklednerdlord) OR via e-mail: Any questions and negotiation are okay!
  • All commissions are digital so I’ll send you full resolution pics via e-mail. I’ll also ask if you’re okay with publishing your commission on my artblog.
  • I can also send you a PSD/SAI file to do whatever you want with the drawing /wink

Please please reblog to boost if you can! Thank you!

Anonymous asked: *whispers* no keep going. Write a story to go with your picture and the writing you already have. It's super good. Please?

i… i-i may… one day… thank you very much!! ;v;

bucky just isn’t a morning person

another stucky commission for 8happy! you’re amazing, thank you very much <3

☆ my commission info ☆



dont i like have any followers from krakow who’d like to share a flat with me and my friend marcin………?

we don’t have a third flatmate and we have three rooms so you know

we’re both super nice, we don’t have any social life and we dont smoke

Anonymous asked: Dude, you're lion king/ stucky post has been in my head for months, though I'm glad you took it as it looks much better in your art than mine