hahahha holy shit look at this i cannot believe—

best flatmate ever aka asarnoh really made a mug with one of my stuckies 

i just

1. Bucky’s side: | 2. Steve’s side

[post-TWS, a mix for confusion, loneliness and parted memories]

i. iron woodkid  ||  the steady burst of snow is burning my hands / i’m frozen to the bones, i am / a milion miles from home, i’m walking away / i can’t remind your eyes, your face

ii. pendulum - pearl jam  ||  this might pass, this might last, this may grow / easy come and easy go / easy left me a long time ago / i’m in the fire but i’m still cold / nothing works, works for me anymore

iii. if i had a heart - fever ray  ||  if i had a heart i could love you / if i had a voice i would sing

iv. communist love song - soltero  ||  well i don’t know but i’ve been told / not to hang on to my hope / well i don’t know but i’ve been told / and i’ve been listening all my life

v. no rest for the wicked - lykke li  ||  i let my good one down / i let my true love die / i had his heart but i broke it every time

vi. ghost towns - radical face  ||  i still miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home / with a name like mine

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1. Bucky’s side | 2. Steve’s side:

[post-TWS, a mix for believing, persistence and finding each other again]

i. mistaken for strangers- the national  ||  make up something to believe in your heart of hearts / so you have something to wear on your sleeve of sleeves / you get mistaken for strangers by your own friends

ii. silhouettes - of monsters and men  ||  no matter where i sleep, you are haunting me / but i’m already there / wherever there is you, i will be there too

iii. lover’s eyes - mumford and sons  ||  but do not ask the price i pay / i must live with my quiet rage / tame the ghosts in my head / that run wild and wish me dead 

iv. gunshot - lykke li  ||  and the shot goes through my head and back / gunshot, can’t take it back / my heart cracked, really loved you bad / gunshot, i’ll never get you back

v. welcome home - radical face  ||  you were never supposed to leave / now my head’s splitting at the seams

vi. let your heart hold fast - fort atlantic  ||  never fear, no, never fear / so let your heart hold fast / for this soon shall pass / there’s another hill ahead

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Anonymous asked: steve saved the world amd it only cost him one buck

ok nonnie but was this really necESSARY


Steve’s dad jokes have enough healing powers.

a collab between maria-tries and I! we’ve sketched the pictures and swapped for linearting and colouring. very fun, 10/10, would recommend.

look at this we had so much funn

wingedcorgi sketched bucky and coloured steve and i did the opposite 

Anonymous asked: The winter soldier, emo style

who the hell is bucky

my name’s winter soldier dark’ness raven way

the winter soldier doesn’t quite understand the idea of feeding but these little creatures seem nice

thank you for commissioning me once again, 8happy!! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

 commissions on sale info 


Hey there guys! Sorry I haven’t been around that much, college has been killing my time on tumblr, but I promise I’m still alive. And now I’m back with a giveaway!!! This is sort of a just because giveaway and because I haven’t done one on here yet!

You must be following me. (I will check)
You can reblog as many times as you want to increase your chances.
Likes do count.
Must be willing to give out your address.
I will ship to other countries.
The giveaway ends on September 23 8:00 PM CST. 


There will be 3 winners.
1st place gets 4 things from the list
2nd place gets 3 things from the list
3rd place gets 2 things from the list


Prizes: (As numbered above)

  1. Iron Man Ittybitty
  2. Hulk ittybitty
  3. Spiderman journal
  4. Captain America Winter Soldier full color comic
  5. The Amazing Spiderman full color comic
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy full color comic
  7. Funko Marvel Vinyl Bobble-head
  8. Funko Guardians of the galaxy vinyl bobble-head
  9. An art commission by maria-tries up to the $17 tier. (examples of work can be found here, here, and here! And the price reference is here!)

well some nonnie wanted me to post the first frame of this lil comic

and i couldnt resist colouring it but i still can’t cell shade for life so have this pathetic attempt

Anonymous asked: Thank you for the supersolider fluff!!!<3 I have been reading a lot of angst on CATWS and I need fluff. BUCKY AND STEVE JUST NEED TO BE HAPPY!!!

aww, you’re so welcome nonnie uwu

glad i could make you a bit happier in your stucky sufferings