why are you laughing steve

what do you mean we’re perfect for each other


hasn’t this been done like a thousand times already

im taking commissions now!

So i’ve decided to open my first commissions here because it’s finally summer and i’m really short on money (due to spraining my ankle, breaking my laptop and other ridiculous accidents, and the fact that i’ve been living on my own since October).


  • Payment through PayPal.
  • I will not draw porn/furries/ponies etc.
  • Please contact me via my askbox (maria-tries or yet-intrepid) OR via e-mail: euphemia.rola@gmail.com. Any questions and negotiation are okay!
  • Optional bonus shading on flat colours (example) for +5 USD!
  • I send full resolution pics via e-mail. I’ll also ask if you’re okay with publishing your commission on my artblog.

Please reblog to boost! Thank you very much!

wow palettes again????? yes friends i am sorry but as im finally free im still doing the requests i received 1000 years ago

francis in 10 for twinkmastertoudou and arthur in 17 for a nonnie


um guys im thinking of making a drawings give away (which means 3 people would get a drawing of their choice, could be of ships, coloured and everything wow) because im close to my first thousand

but i dont know if anyone would even be interested

what do u think……